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Arab-European Youth Forum in Monastir: Alternative Media and Its Role in Resisting Extremist Thought.

The Arab-European Youth Forum kicked off today, Friday, May 11, 2018, in the city of Monastir, Tunisia, under the theme “Towards Building a Common Dynamics for Arab and European Youth Media.” The forum continued until May 13, 2018, with the participation of 150 to 200 young men and women from about 19 Arab and European countries.

The organization of this forum involved the Cultural Club Ali Belhawan, along with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in addition to the AnAlynd Foundation.

During the forum days, workshops were conducted on seven projects with the presence of facilitators and supporters from Tunisia and abroad. All projects focused on using alternative or new media to reduce the phenomenon of extremist thinking among youth on both the Arab and European shores.

These projects break with prevailing and traditional forms, aiming to present content that does not find a place in traditional media and is biased towards everything challenging the authority of the media and capital.

Three projects were selected from the seven, and participants voted for their funding and continuation after the conference.

The Managing Committee of the Active and Positive Youth Association thanks Dr. Iman Hussein, the General Coordinator of the Forum, for her professionalism and efforts to ensure the smooth progress of the forum. They also appreciate her invitation to the President of the Association, Mr. Ahmed Anis Al-Qarqani, to participate in the events of this conference, which positively contributed to its success through effective participation in a workshop that garnered the most votes during the voting.

We will provide you with more details about this workshop and the resulting project in the near future.

Some pictures from the forum:

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