Association of Active and Positive Youths – APY



Radio Nabeul

Radio Nabeul, a community web radio launched on May 9, 2011, has become an essential voice for the Cap Bon region. It offers a rich and varied program, promoting local expression and broadcasting cultural, educational, and informational content.

Photo du Cap Bon

Cap Bon Photo: Competition for the best photo taken in Cap Bon followed by an exhibition of the participating photos (2014 and 2016).



MTE “Engaged Tunisian Media”: Training of trainers in the field of “Citizen Journalism.”

Milkshake Meeting

Milkshake Meeting: Monthly meeting to develop the skills of young people in various areas, primarily digital communication. (2016-2018)


Business Booster Center

Professional Training Workshops: We believe that employment is essential for autonomy. We offer professional training workshops to help individuals acquire skills sought after in the job market.

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