Association of Active and Positive Youths – APY

Training Session: AI at the Service of Content Creation

The Dream Corner space orchestrated in collaboration with the “Active and Positive Youth” and “Eveil et Développement” associations, on the 9th and 10th of this current month, an exceptional training session on artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of content creation, led by expert trainer Mr. Ahmed Anis Kerkeni.

This training, which took place over two days, brought together a group of young students who were passionate about improving their skills in artificial intelligence and content creation. They found this experience very useful and enriching.

During this training session, participants had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI, its practical applications and its impact on various industrial sectors. Different aspects were covered, such as web writing and the use of AI tools, digital marketing, AI assisted graphic design, video editing, etc.

The great success of this training on artificial intelligence for content creation highlights the positive impact it had on participants, offering them new skills and perspectives in a constantly evolving field.

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