Association of Active and Positive Youths – APY

About the organization

The association “jeunes actifs et positifs” aims to bring together young individuals engaged in community life around a single and common goal, which is the positive change and evolution of Tunisian society. This is achieved through dialogue, sharing ideas, and exchanging experiences.Rejoignez-nous dans cette belle aventure et contribuez à faire la différence !



Our association is firmly committed to improving the life of our community through a series of exciting and impactful projects. These projects reflect our dedication to a more united, balanced, and sustainable society. We take pride in working hand in hand with our community to create a better future for everyone. We are pleased to present our key initiatives to you.


Our team embodies diversity and complementarity. Each member brings unique expertise, diverse skills, and unwavering motivation. Together, we form a collective of inspired individuals driven by a deep desire to make a positive change in our community.



Our events are designed to bring together people with similar interests, encourage learning and discovery, promote inclusion and friendship, and strengthen bonds within our community. Whether it’s our workshops, conferences, outings, charitable actions, or special celebrations, each event is an opportunity to grow, share, and celebrate together.



On this blog page, you will find a variety of articles that reflect our diversity of initiatives and actions. We will share stories from our passionate volunteers, information about our current projects, as well as useful resources to get involved in our efforts or inspire you in your own endeavors.

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